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The Essential ATLA Database: Index Search


A good researcher searches databases using both browsing and direct search methods. Browsing can provide an overview of a subjects' popularity or obscurity that a direct search may not yield, and like browsing among book stacks, it can produce valuable serendipitous results. Select More and then Indexes from the top menu to browse the ATLA database by any of its indexes.  

1.   Browse an Index from the drop-down menu. Browse for any search term.



2. Toggle a Search Result. Add it to the Search Bar. Click Search. Multiple indexes/terms can be searched at once using boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).



Document Object Identifier (DOI)

  • An article's record may include a DOI. This number is a unique identifier for its article, like how a social security number uniquely identifies a U.S. citizen. A DOI can be copy and pasted into the resolver to locate and access the respective article (if you have proper access).