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Georgia Elma Harkness: Articles, Chapters, & Reviews

This guide contains published and unpublished items that were by Dr. Georgia Harkness. This is meant to be a companion to our digital collection and archival holdings.


This page contains select articles, chapters, and reviews by/about Georgia Harkness. To view more preprint versions of these, visit the digital collections articles and reviews.

Chapters by Georgia Harkness

Reviews by Georgia Harkness

Review of Abortion: The Agonizing Decision by David R. Mace

Reveiw of After Eve: The New Feminism by Alan Graebner

Review of Calvin by Francois Wendel

Review of Christ and Ourselves by Roger Hazleton

Review of Christian Perfection by Francois Fenelon

Review of Christian Worship by George P. Hedley

Review of A Creed for a Christian Skeptic by Mary M. Shideler

Review of The Deeds of Christ by Harold A. Bosley

Review of Early Church and the Coming Great Church by John Knox

Review of The Existence of God by John Hick

Review of First Adventures in Philosophy by Vergilius T. A. Ferm

Review of God's Unfolding Purpose by Robert M. Brown

Review of The Gospel, the Church, and the World by Kenneth S. Latourette

Review of The Healing of the Waters by Amos N. Wilder

Review of How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher by Robert M. Miller

Review of Instrument of Thy Peace by Alan Paton

Review of New Realism and Old Reality by Daniel L. Evans

Review of The Peace That Is Left by Émile Cammaerts

Review of Personality and Christian Faith by Lowell G. Colston

Review of The Philosophy of Silence by Alice B. Greene

Review of Philosophy of Value by Leo R. Ward

Review of A Preface to Prayer by Gerald Heard

Review of Protestant Thought and Natural Science by John Dillenberger

Review of Rediscovering Prayer by John R. Yungblut

Review of Religion of Tomorrow by John E. Boodin

Review of The Scandal of Christianity by Emil Brunner

Review of The Science of Religion by Lewis G. Rohrbaugh

Review of Seekers after Mature Faith by Glenn E. Hinson

Review of The Significance of Personality by Richard M. Vaughan

Review of Toward a Theology of Evangelism by Julian N. Hartt

Review of The Venture of Prayer by Hubert Northcott

Review of Women in the World of Religion by Elsie T. Culver

Review of Youth Asks about Religion by Jack Finegan

More unpublished versions of Georgia Harkness' book reviews can be found in the digital collection.

Georgia Harkness Quote

Georgia Typing
Georgia Harkness at Her Typewriter (ca. 1974)
From United Methodists Today (October 1974): Cover.

Reviews about Georgia Harkness' Work

From Johnson, Helen. “Georgia Harkness: She Made Theology Understandable.” United Methodists Today (October 1974): 54.