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Native American Heritage Month: Home

A guide to print and online resources available in the Styberg Library and elsewhere about the the indigenous peoples of the Americas

"Spring Flight" by Benjamin Chee Chee

"Spring Flight" by Benjamin Chee Chee (Ojibwa)

Photograph Courtesy of Lynn Berg

(Greeting Card Art: Woodland Indian Art Card Series)

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All images within this guide are provided for educational purposes only and are either personal copies or in the public domain. Links to information about the artists can be found below each photograph.

About Native American Heritage Month

The month of November has been recognized as Native American Heritage Month since 1990, when President George H. W. Bush approved the first joint resolution establishing this designation. This time is set aside to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of the first Americans to life in this country and to celebrate their diverse cultures, traditions, thought, and histories. It is also a good time to engage with the struggles that Native Americans currently and historically have faced in society that make their achievements all the more significant and deserving of appreciation.

You can read more about the history of Native American Heritage Month and find other resources at the following websites:

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