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Finding and Accessing Online Videos: Swank

This guide contains information about finding and accessing the library's online videos.


Whenever you see this notice in the View Online section, you have discovered a Swank film. Swank is one of the Styberg Library databases where you can view online videos. Explore this page to learn more about accessing and using Swank films.


  1. To view the online video, click on this link in the View Online section.
  2. Enter your Garrett email credentials when prompted.
  3. Once you log in successfully, the online video's homepage should display.
  4. Press the play button to view it.
  5. You can use the three dots in the bottom right to turn on subtitles. You can also press the square to expand to full screen.

To learn more about playing online videos in Kanopy, check out the Watching a Film box on this page.

Watching a Film


You can use the Swank Media Player app to watch a film on your mobile device. Use these links to download them.