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This guide serves as a research tool for the Biblical-Theological Regeneration Assignment. The guide includes resources that may be helpful for completing the necessary research for this assignment. This guide is merely a starting point for deeper, more f


This guide contains search strategies, physical resources, and online resources that are meant to help you as you research and complete your Biblical-Theological Regeneration Assignment. More specifically, the resources herein are meant to help you find Biblical and theological understandings of regeneration. Please note, this guide is a mere introduction to the many possibilities for your assignment.

Biblical-Theological Regeneration Assignment

1. Sign up for one week of class presentation (this will take place the first week of class).

2. Collaborate as a class, partner with the library, and divide up research of biblical and theological meanings of regeneration.

3. Present your research in class, with an emphasis upon both

a) describing a particular biblical and/or theological meaning of regeneration and

b) comparing, contrasting, and relating that meaning with the environmental meanings of regeneration addressed by the course (30 minutes).

4. Add your research to a shared class document.

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