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Finding and Accessing Dissertations and Theses: ProQuest

Use this guide to learn how to find and access dissertations.


On this page, you can find suggestions for finding dissertations and theses using the ProQuest Dissertation & Theses database. This database contains the most recent seminary dissertations and theses as well as millions of dissertations and theses from other institutions throughout the world. For additional tips about using this database, check out the ProQuest guide.

Finding Dissertations & Theses

First, open the ProQuest Dissertation & Theses database. In addition to this link, you can search for it in USearch or the list of databases.

Next, when prompted, enter your NetID and authenticate with a separate device.

Then, the advanced search page should open.

Image of ProQuest

Scroll down to discover even more search options, like the ability to search by institution, advisor, manuscript type (i.e., thesis or dissertation), and language.

Image of ProQuest

To find relevant dissertations and theses, enter your search terms and select any appropriate parameters. Once you have done this, press the Search button. Your search results will load on the next page.

To learn how to access dissertations and theses, including options to download and print, check out the Accessing Dissertations & Theses box.

Accessing Dissertations & Theses

Once your search results load, you can use the facets on the left to further focus your results. You can change the date range, select only full text, limit the language, etc. When you find a dissertation or thesis of interest, you can click on the title or Full text - PDF link to view it.

Image from ProQuest

The dissertation or thesis will open in a new window. On this window, you have the options to read online, cite, print, download, etc. To print and discover additional possibilities, you will need to click on the three dots for all options. You can also view the abstract/details by clicking on the Abstract/Details tab. There, you will be able to read more information about the project, like the abstract, and find the permalink.

Image from ProQuest

Searching by Institution

To search for dissertations and/or theses from a particular institution, you can use the university/institution search box on the advanced search page. You can begin by typing your search terms into the box, and the relevant options should appear in a drop-down menu; however, you may want to use the look up universities/institutions option to the right of the search box to select multiple options easily.

Image of ProQuest Search

If you click on the look up universities/institutions link, a popup box will appear that allows you to enter your search terms. Once you have entered your search terms, select the relevant one(s) by clicking on the boxes to the left. This will insert a check mark into the box. Select all the ones that you want and then click on the Add to search button.

Image of ProQuest Search

The advanced search page will reappear with the universities/institutions that you selected in the universities/institutions search box. You can add additional search terms into the other boxes and/or select appropriate parameters, or you can just press the search button to search for all dissertations and theses from the universities/institutions that you selected.