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Finding and Accessing Dissertations and Theses: Research in Ministry

Use this guide to learn how to find and access dissertations.


On this page, you can find suggestions for finding dissertations and theses using Research in Ministry (RIM). This database from Atla is an index of many different types of doctoral projects. Since this is an index, most of resources will not be available as full-text. You will likely have to use ProQuest or contact the institution/author to read it; however, this database is useful for discovering other dissertations and theses, particularly from Doctor of Ministry projects.

Finding Dissertations & Theses

First, open Research in Ministry (RIM). You can use this link or find it among the Religion Databases.

Once RIM opens, you will be taken to the main search page. You can enter your search term in the single search box, or you can select Search at the top to open the Main Search with more options.

Image from RIM

If you select the Search option at the top, the Main Search will open. This will allow you to limit your search by institution, author, subject, date, etc. Enter your search terms and select the appropriate parameters. Then, select Apply. Your search results will load on the next page.

Image from RIM

Once your search results load, you can use the facets on the left to further focus your result by author, institution, subject, or date. To utilize these, just click on one, and your search results will adjust accordingly.

To open a project of interest, click on the title. This will open a new page with additional information about the project, like its abstract, degree information, etc. This may also contain a link to the full text; however, this will be rare.

To learn how to find the full text, check out the Accessing Dissertations & Theses box on this page.

Accessing Dissertations & Theses

If you find a project of interest in RIM and it does not contain a link to the full text, you can use other tools to discover the full text.

The first tool to try is the ProQuest Dissertation & Theses database. In addition to this link, you can search for it in USearch or the list of databases.

For more information about using this database, check out the ProQuest tab on this guide.

If you cannot find a full text version of the project in ProQuest, you can try to searching with the title/author in Google Scholar, WorldCat, or one of the resources on the Other Options tab. If that does not work, you may need to contact the institution where the project was completed or the author to obtain a copy. Styberg librarians are happy to help you with this if needed. We may be able to obtain a copy through an institutional repository or interlibrary loan.

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

WorldCat Search

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