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Finding, Accessing, and Using E-Books: EBSCO

This guide contains information about The Styberg Library's e-books as well as those that are available through Northwestern.

eReserves for Courses

Most ebooks have been purchased as course reserves and have limited download periods as a result. This ensures that more students have access to them. See the Downloading EBSCO Ebooks box below for more information. Review the additional boxes on this page to learn how to view/download these ebooks.

EBSCO Ebook Information

EBSCO Ebook USearch Link

When you have found an EBSCO ebook, the link within the item record will say "EBSCO Ebooks - Styberg Library." Click on this link and log in as instructed on the General tab of this guide. Once you have logged in, the ebook's homepage will load. On this page, you can view more information about the ebook.

To view the ebook, you may have several options. You can view it online. You may also be able to download it for viewing later as a PDF (computer) or EPUB (mobile/tablet) copy, but this will require a free ebook account and is subject to the number of copies that are available. See the Creating an EBSCO Account and the Downloading EBSCO Ebooks boxes to the right for more information. Please note, your download will automatically expire after 1 day. For more information about downloading, see the Downloading EBSCO Ebooks box to the right.

On the homepage, there is also a Tools menu where you have other options like emailing, citing, and exporting.

Viewing EBSCO Ebooks Online

All EBSCO ebooks can be viewed online. If we only own 1 copy of an ebook, you will only be able to view it online, with the possibility of downloading pages/chapters. To view the ebook online, either click on the PDF/EPUB links to the left of the ebook's information or scroll down and select a link within the Table of Contents.

Once you click on the EPUB/PDF or Table of Contents link, the ebook will display in a separate window. In this window, you may have options to save, email, and print a limited number of pages. You may also be able to copy and paste from the text, and you can do this by selecting the text with your mouse, right clicking, and selecting Copy. You can then paste the text elsewhere.

You can move between chapters/sections by clicking on the title links within the Contents section or by using the arrows below the ebook viewing area. All ebook pages will appear in the right view window.

Creating an EBSCO Account

In order to download ebooks from EBSCO, you will need to create a free account. A free account will also give you options to save searches, citations, notes, and other information from EBSCO ebooks. This account will work for other EBSCO databases as well. A free account will also allow you to place holds on items that are downloaded. Holds will only work for 3 user copies.

Downloading EBSCO Ebooks

Number of Copies Download Period
Unlimited Copies 1 Day
3 Copies 1 Day
1 Copy Cannot Be Downloaded

To determine how many copies are available, navigate to the ebook's homepage where you can see information about the ebook and its table of contents. From there, locate the access details, immediately above the table of contents. This area will tell you how many copies are available (1, 3, or unlimited) as well as whether you can print, save, email, copy, paste, etc.

Image for EBSCO Ebook Access Details

You can download select ebooks from EBSCO. If we have 3 copies or unlimited copies, you will be able to download them for 1 Day. As long as no one has placed a hold on the ebook, you will be able to renew it. Since most of our ebooks are needed for courses, we only loan them for 1 Day at a time.

If we only have 1 copy of an ebook, you will not be able to download it; instead, you will be able to read it online and/or download a limited number of pages from it. Since we only have 1 copy of some ebooks, only one person will be able to view it at a time. If you only need to read a chapter or two from a 1 user ebook, you are encouraged to save or print the pages if possible. That way, others can use the ebook, too. When you have finished reading or downloading from a 1 user copy, please close your browser/tab so that others can read it. If you try to view a 1 user ebook that is currently in use, you will receive a message that says it is unavailable. Check back periodically to see when it becomes available again.

Once you have determined that an ebook is downloadable, you can click on the Full Download button to the left of the ebook's information and follow the steps/prompts. You will have to be logged in to your account. To view the book offline, you will need to download a free software called Adobe Digital Editions. For more information about using Adobe Digital Editions, see the Using Adobe Digital Editions tab above.

Image of the Full Download Button EBSCO

Note about Restrictions

For various reasons, we cannot always purchase unlimited copies of an ebook. Also, some publishers restrict the downloading, printing, copying, and saving options. Finally, the download period cannot be adjusted by ebook; rather, it must be applied to all ebooks.