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History of the United Methodist Deacon: Before 1888 (Ecumenical & Biblical)

In celebration of the 25th anniversary (1996-2021) of the Order of Deacon, this guide details the history of the United Methodist Deacon and the movements, events, and individuals who influenced its creation.


The diaconate has historical and Biblical roots, both of which have shared the current manifestation of the Order of Deacon within the United Methodist Church. This page contains ecumenical, historical (pre-1888), and Biblical resources about the diaconate. These resources are available in the library and/or freely online.


Jesus said, “…I am among you  as one who [deacons].”  (Luke 22:27b)

Articles, Chapters, Journals, & Online Resources

Freely available online resources are indicated by an asterisk at the end.


Chapters, Journals, & Online Resources


Other Diaconal Groups & Organizations