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Conducting Biblical Exegesis: Lexicons & Concordances

This guide is meant to serve as a helpful resource as you navigate and complete your exegesis assignments. The guide contains helpful resources and tools for this exegetical work.

About This Page

This page contains promising lexicons and concordances. The page is separated into General, Hebrew Scripture, and New Testament resources.

Lexicons can be helpful for tracking the meaning, history, and usage of certain words. They are often based upon the original languages of the Bible and require a little knowledge of the language to use. Concordances are helpful for finding other places a word has been used in the Bible. According to The Handbook of Biblical Criticism, "A concordance is an alphabetical listing of all the principal words of a book, including a reference indicating the place where it occurs and usually some portion of the accompanying phrase."

This is only a sampling of the many possibilities though. Click on the links or follow the tips at the bottom of each column to discover even more!