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Conducting Biblical Exegesis: Parallels & Journals

This guide is meant to serve as a helpful resource as you navigate and complete your exegesis assignments. The guide contains helpful resources and tools for this exegetical work.

About This Page

This page contains promising parallels and journals. The page is separated into General, Hebrew Scripture, and New Testament resources.

Parallels can be a very helpful tool for comparing texts across translations and languages. They give you the ability to see the text side-by-side, which can be an excellent way of evaluating translations and word usage.

Journals are a great place to find shorter, more current discussions about your pericope/topic. They often include more diverse voices as well.

This is only a sampling of the many possibilities though. Click on the links or follow the tips at the bottom of each column to discover even more!


For more possibilities, click here.



Abstracts are a great way to familiarize yourself with a resource to see if it is relevant to your research. These resources usually provide a citation so that you can find the resource. Some include direct links to items. In Biblical studies, there are two prominent abstracting databases. Click the links below to explore these.