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Finding and Accessing Online Resources: Additional Resources

This guide includes some of the key online resources that are available through the Styberg Library.


In addition to the online resources available through the library, there are many which are available freely online. Use the links below to discover even more. We have also created some research guides that may be helpful as you search for online resources. You can find them below.

Free Online Resources

Use the links below to discover free online resources that may be helpful for your research.

Evaluating Online Resources

As you know, there are many resources available online. Some are more reliable than others. For a quick tutorial on evaluating what you find online, click here.

Research Guides

The Styberg Library has created a few guides that may be helpful as you navigate the world of online resources. Click on the links below to explore these options.

Citing Your Sources

Citing online resources is definitely different from print versions; however, there are some reliable resources that make it easier. Check out these links for more information.