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Finding and Accessing Online Resources: Databases

This guide includes some of the key online resources that are available through the Styberg Library.


This page contains information about the online databases that are available through the library. Tips for searching within these databases for online resources are discussed in the boxes below. Although most databases are searchable within USearch, searching within specific databases is a good strategy for finding additional relevant online resources. To search these directly, you will need to log in with your NetID.

Databases A-Z

Through our partnership with Northwestern University Libraries, we have access to over one thousand databases. You can find them by clicking on the "Databases A-Z" link under the Collections tab on our homepage

You can sort these databases and refine them by type (e.g., e-Books or Full Text) or subject by using the drop-down menus at the top of the page.

Religion Databases

We have curated a custom list of religion databases, many which contain online resources Some are completely free (AKA open access). You can use the drop-down menus at the top to refine the list by subject or type (e.g., open access). To explore these, click the link below.

Search Tip

When searching in a database, use the limit options (usually to the left of your search results) to confine your results to Full Text options. As a warning, this may eliminate online resources to which we have access in another database.

Popular Databases

Many databases contain online resources that are available for download. Here are a few promising, popular ones.

PDF Full Text

Within many of the databases, there will be direct links to PDFs. When you click on these, a preview of the online resource should appear. Often, you can then download or print the item. Every database will be a little different, so if you have any issues or cannot locate a link, please contact us.

Find it @ NU

Within many databases, there are purple "Find it @ NU" buttons that, when clicked, search online for a resource that may be available in another database to which we subscribe. If you click on this box, a search will initiate in USearch, and it will attempt to find the resource elsewhere. If it is successful, it will display an item record with links to other databases. While this search may not always retrieve an online result, it is worth trying, just in case.