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Finding and Accessing Online Resources: eBooks

This guide includes some of the key online resources that are available through the Styberg Library.


This page contains information about finding eBooks that are available through the Styberg Library. Many are discoverable through USearch, but you may want to search individual repositories separately to view all options. Some popular ones are included below.

Using USearch

To find eBooks using USearch, initiate a search by typing your search terms in the search box on the Styberg Library homepage. Make sure to select All Libraries from the drop-down menu to the left of the search box.

USearch Image

Once your search results load, use the limiters within the "Refine my results" area on the left to select Full Text Online from the Availability limiter and Books and Book Chapters from the Format limiter. Select the Apply Filters button when you are finished.

Now, only eBooks should appear in your search results. Links to each should be available within the item records. Simply click on the titles to open the records, and click on the link(s) within the records to view the eBooks. 

You can use the limiters on the left to further refine your results if needed. You can also sort by year.

Check Your Local Public Library

You may want to obtain a public library card for access to additional eBooks. They usually have many options. To find your local public library, click here. Select the Public link under Library Type on the left.

eBook Options

To find eBooks, you can search our eBook vendors directly. The page below contains links to several popular options as well as some instructions for using each.

Popular eBook Repositories

Here are some of the most popular eBook repositories.

Using the Databases

You can also use the A-Z Databases list to find eBooks. To do this, select A-Z Databases from the Collections tab on the website.

Once the full list of databases appears, select e-Books from the "All Database Types" drop-down menu at the top of the list. The full list will then appear below. 

You can further limit your results by selecting the relevant subjects from the "All Subjects" drop-down menu at the top.

Google Books

Google Book Search

Search Google Books directly by using this search box. You may be able to preview or view entire books online.