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Finding and Accessing Online Resources: NetID & Garrett ID

This guide includes some of the key online resources that are available through the Styberg Library.


To access online resources, you will need login credentials, like your NetID (e.g., abc1234) or Garrett ID (e.g., These will be essential, so memorize or place them in a memorable location for easy access. You will also need to register each with a multi-factor authentication program: Microsoft Authenticator or Duo Mobile.

Garrett ID

All Styberg Library online resources are discoverable through USearch. Follow these steps to discover and view these.

Please note, not all available online resources are accessible through this method. These instructions are only applicable to the ones that say, "Access to this resource is limited to the Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary community due to licensing restrictions." For information on how to access Northwestern's online resources, see the NetID box to the right.

1. Open the library’s homepage. Select All Libraries from the drop-down menu to find all available online resources. Then, enter your search terms and press Search.

2. Once your search results load, select the relevant online resource. All electronic resources will include a green text link that says “Online Access”. Click on this link.

3. The full record will then appear. In the View Online section, there will be a link. Click on the blue text to be taken to a login page.

4. On the login page, enter your Garrett email and select Next.

5. Then, enter your email password. Press Sign in.

6. The electronic resource will then load. Depending upon the provider and our license, you may have options to download, print, save, cite, notate/highlight, etc. 


Accessing electronic resources that are available through Northwestern requires a different process and different login credentials. You can discover these online resources using the same steps that are outlined in the Garrett ID box to the left. However, to access these electronic resources, you will need to use your NetID and authenticate with a separate device.

When you click on the link to a Northwestern online resources, you will be taken to the Northwestern Passport page where you will enter your NetID and password.

Once you click on the log in button, you will then be prompted to authenticate via a separate device, like a phone. You can do this most easily with a push through the Duo app or a phone call. For more information about MFA, see the Northwestern MFA page or the Multi-Factor Authentication box on this page.

After you have successfully authenticated yourself, the ebook will then appear. Like with the Styberg Library electronic resources, each provider will have a different interface with different options. To learn more about these options, consult the links in the Additional Ebook Resources box.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You must register your NetID with a separate device to authenticate before accessing library resources. You have several options to authenticate, including a separate phone, email, token, etc. To learn more about this, see the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) page.

Additional NetID Resources