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Rare Bibles: Douai O.T. Bible (1609-10)

The Styberg Library has a special collection of rare Bibles. This guide features some of the ones that are within the collection.


Directly from the pen of Gregory Martin, the Douai Old Testament was not published until 1609-10, after Martin’s death. The Douai Old Testament was revised and updated by English Catholic exiles who lived in Douai, France, where a Catholic college had been established for English Catholics. This translation was likely delayed due to the unpopularity of Catholicism in England and a lack of funds. Interestingly, unlike the Rhemes New Testament, this translation was less polemic and Catholic in its notes/commentary; however, like the Rhemes, its translation from the Latin was at times very awkward and too literal, particularly in the Psalms. The text is divided into paragraphs and verse numbering is done in the inner margin.