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Rare Bibles: Wycliffe N.T. Bible (1731)

The Styberg Library has a special collection of rare Bibles. This guide features some of the ones that are within the collection.


The Wycliffe New Testament was first translated out of the Latin Vulgate into English by John Wycliffe; however, this 1731 edition is the earliest printed edition of Wycliffe’s New Testament. The complete version of Wycliffe’s Bible, including the Old Testament, was not published until the mid-nineteenth century. Wycliffe was likely the first to translate the Bible into English; however, this feat was not appreciated by the Catholics and Englishmen of his time. After his death, he was declared a heretic, and his body and writings were burned. Within the text itself are portraits of Wycliffe and John Lewis, the publisher, as well as an eight-page glossary of terms and a few facsimiles from sixteenth century Bibles. There were only 160 copies of this edition issued.