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Using USearch: Browsing Journals

This guide contains information about how to use USearch and its many research tools. USearch is much more than just an online library catalog. Learn more about the power of this discovery system with this guide.

How to Browse/Search Journals

Browse Journals by Subject

You can now browse and search within journals. This can be helpful for discovering relevant journals and articles within them. To begin, select Journal Search from the top navigation bar.

The Journal Search page will appear. From here, you can search for a journal directly by typing in your search terms in the single search box, or you can browse for journals by subject using the facets below the search box. Click on the arrows next to each to expand the contents. When you have found a subject of interest, click on it to browse for journals within that subject area.

The relevant journals will then appear. They will be organized by title. You can see how many journals are related to the subject at the top of your results. Scroll down and press “Load More Results” to see more options.

Search within a Journal

If you click on the title and open the full record, you can also search within some journals that are indexed and/or available online. To do this, locate the Search Inside section, enter your search terms in the search box, and press Enter.

Your search results will load on the next page. Any article(s) that contain(s) your search term()s will appear. You can click on the results for access details and more information.

Please note, this will only work for journals that have been indexed and added to USearch. You may need to search journals directly through an online index or database where online access or full-text is available.