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Using USearch: Finding Related Items

This guide contains information about how to use USearch and its many research tools. USearch is much more than just an online library catalog. Learn more about the power of this discovery system with this guide.

How to Find Related Items

Resources That Are Cited Within an Item or Additional Resources that Cite the Item

Some records contain options to find the resources that are cited within an item and/or the option to find additional resources that cite the item. By clicking on these options, you will be able to view additional items that may be of interest. The first icon with two upwards arrows helps you find resources that cite the item. The second icon with the singular downward arrow helps you find resources that are cited within the item.* Click on each to discover more items.

*Please note, these icons will not appear on all items, and sometimes, only one will appear.

Recommended Resources

When you open the full record for an online resource, you may see recommended resources to the right of the bibliographic and access details. These may also be of interest and are based upon the subject matter of the opened record. These related readings can be accessed by clicking on their hyperlinked titles.