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Using USearch: Saving Searches

This guide contains information about how to use USearch and its many research tools. USearch is much more than just an online library catalog. Learn more about the power of this discovery system with this guide.

How to Save Searches

Do you find yourself frequently searching for a particular subject or author? Do you not have time to go through all of your results at one time?

A great way to stay organized and up to date with the latest collection additions is to save your search within USearch. After saving your search, you can easily pull it up again by logging in to your account and opening your saved searches. You can also set up an email alert when new results are added. (To learn more about email alerts, see the 'Receiving Email Alerts' tab.)

Saving a Search

1. Sign in to USearch. (See the Logging in to My Account tab above for more information.)

2. Search for an item.

3. Select 'Save query' above the search results.

Retrieving Saved Searches

1. Click the 'Pin' icon to go to 'My Favorites'.

2. Select the 'Saved Searches' tab.

3. Click on the desired saved search from the list to retrieve the results again.

4. If you click the 'Search History' tab you can see all searches that you have initiated since logging in to your account. You can choose to save these for later, and they will appear in your saved searches. You can also delete them; however, they will automatically delete when you log out or close the browser.