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Using USearch: Expanding Search Results

This guide contains information about how to use USearch and its many research tools. USearch is much more than just an online library catalog. Learn more about the power of this discovery system with this guide.

How to Expand Search Results

When you use USearch, you only retrieve the items to which the library has physical or electronic access; however, you can view more resources that match your search criteria by selecting the “Expand My Results” option* in the facets. This feature is made possible through an extensive search index that is incorporated into USearch.

When you use this feature, your total search results will likely expand by hundreds, if not thousands, of resources. You can still use the other facets, like creation date, language, and format, to further narrow your results.

You will know that you have found an item to which we may not have access if there is a gray “Check request options” link below the item’s brief details.

If you find an interesting item with this text, click on the link and sign in to your account, if you have not already done so. Then, you can see your request options. Normally, this will direct you to request the item through interlibrary loan or to search for an open access version; however, you may also find that we have online access to the item through a database.

*Please note, this option only works for search that utilize the All Libraries and Online Resources tabs.